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Useful Fun Websites for the Family

Here are some websites that "help you go out even when you have to stay in."


  1. ​BBC Sound Effects. At there are 16,000 sounds that you can use to create your own 'soundscape.'
  2. If you are interested in art or challenges go to ​where artist / author Keri Smith sets a daily art challenge (you can browse all those already set as well).
  3. Want to travel but can't? Go to and it uses Google street view to transport you to a random location anywhere in the world each time you click go!
  4. And if this Planet is not enough for you try you can literally explore the surface of Mars by steering Curiosity rover around.
  5. Or go to where the US Space Agency has just made all its media library available to view.
  6. Or finally  if you fancy seeing an infinitely zooming image go to