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The Will & Skill to Read

Fluent readers enjoy reading; non-fluent readers understandably begin to dread and then despise reading: “It’s boring!” frequently masks “It’s Difficult!”  Properly targetted support can reverse this downward spiral and close the Reading Gap.  Reading interventions and reading strategies are essential for supporting every student to read.  At LGS, we have been working on our targetted support sytem to ensure that every child receives the personalised support they need to become fluent readers who love to read.  From the child in Reception discovering his first Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence, or his first successful blend of phonemes, to the GCSE History student independently examining primary sources, each act of reading will require the appropriate level of support.  If we are to become an inclusive reading community in which every child and young person is a fluent reader who wants to read, then every pupil at LGS must receive the appropriate level of support they need to develop the skill to read.