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The Power of Talk

An essential aspect of the Little Wandle programme involves immersing the developing reader in a world of  language in which they can talk about their world and their place in it.   While our pupils are learning to decode, so they experience the power of words to transport them beyond their world, to places of wonder and amazement.   And it doesn’t stop there: from things like ‘Friday’s Book Banter’ in Primary to ‘Topical Talk’, a discussion-based project by The Economist, reading practice across the key stages begins with quality classroom talk.  As with Learning to Read, family support is vital: whether that is talking to your child about anything and everything, from talking about their favourite tv programme or youtube videos, or their favourite computer games, whether that is reading to them or with them or listening together to podcasts or audiobooks, every conversation helps our children and young people to experience the richness of our language.

Words for Life is created by the National Literacy Trust, funded by Kindred, the Department for Education, and supported by UK publishers. It provides parents, children and young people with activities and support to improve their language, literacy and communication skills from home.


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