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Reading Support

Learning to read targetted support

Precisely targetted, timely support is key to the Little Wandle SSP programme.  Trained staff assess pupils continously throughout every session to identify pupils who may need extra practice to secure the learning.  These children will receive daily Keep-Up support, taught by a fully trained adult who knows and understands each child’s specific needs; the area of difficulty will be revisited to help the child secure the learning.  This will prevent children falling behind and missing out on key learning.   Every three weeks, the LW Reading Leader will use assessment trackers to ensure additional support is put in place where needed – a member of the Senior Leadership Team will review assessment every six weeks. 


Catch-Up support is targetted at those pupils from Year 3 upwards who may have incomplete phonic knowledge and insecure decoding skills.  Like Keep-Up, continuous assessment is essential for Catch-Up support if it is to be precise, targetted and timely.  As soon as learning is secure, the pupil moves on.  The precision of the LW support is fundamental to achieving its vision – no child will be left behind.