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House and Sport Captains

  • Each House Walpole, Kingsgate and Botany has an elected House Captain, Vice-Captain, Sports Captain and Vice Sports Captain.
  • Pupils in Year 10 put themselves forward for a role and are voted into the roles by staff.
  • Pupils hold the office until the end of May when a new election takes place.
  • House Captains automatically have a place on the School Council.
  • All pupils are attached to a House when they start at the Secondary school and each week they have the opportunity to earn Merits or Commendations for their House.
  • Merits are awarded for: good work, helping others, perseverance at a task etc. or at the discretion of the adult.
  • A Commendation will be given less often to ensure the worth of earning the reward. This would be for exceptional work, sustained effort, assistance to others or service to the school.
  • Adults giving a commendation will record the reason it has been given in the diary.
  • Commendations will be acknowledged in a whole school assembly if the pupil is comfortable with this and a letter sent home from the person giving the Commendation.
  • A maximum of 2 merits can be given at one time.
  • Merits and commendations cannot be taken away once given.
  • Each Merit is worth 5 pence. Pupils save the points towards a reward.
  • A Commendation is worth 20 pence. Pupils save the points towards a reward.
  • Pupils who are saving for a reward will have their names recorded ready for when pupils want to cash them in.
  • At the end of the Year an award is given to the pupil earning the highest number of Commendations in each House.
  • Each week there will be a weekly House winner who will earn a Commendation.
  • At the end of each term there will be a suitable reward for the House earning the most points e.g. free tuck day, non-school uniform day, activity afternoon etc.
  • A trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring House at the end of the year.


Sports Captains Role

  • Organise inter house competitions.
  • Involvement with Sports Day and encouraging pupils to be involved.
  • Help PE Subject Leader with Junior Sport Captains.


House Captains Role

  • School Ambassadors.
  • Involvement in school events.
  • Fund raising for the Reward Scheme – for younger pupils.