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Staff Training

Staff training/CPD

If we are to build a reading community at LGS, we need to invest in training for our staff.  To date, this has included professional training for:  Little Wandle SSP; Accelerated Reader, myON, Bedrock and Language through Colour.  Further training for specialist reading staff includes STAR assessment,  Dyslexia support and Reciprocal Reading.  In-school whole staff training is used to keep everyone informed about developments in our journey towards becoming a reading community.  In additon, we are keen to keep up with the latest research, joining online reading groups and reading latest reports from institutions such as the Education Endowment Foundation.  We also take part in active research projects with local universities and national institutions, including the National Literacy Trust annual reading survey.


Induction/Staff Handbook

All new staff members are introduced to our reading vision and are expected to support its aim to create a reading community at LGS.

Our reading vision is informed by our commitment the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, Article 29: “I have the right to an education which develops my personality, my respect for others’ rights and the environment.”


Further information for Parents and Carers: