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Creating a Reading Community at Laleham Gap School


‘For every pupil in our care … we are beholden to fill their school day with the richness of countless books, helping them to access a wealth of powerful reading experiences so that they can be buoyed by the world of imagination and knowledge offered to us by possessing the capability to read successfully.’ (Alex Quigley, Closing the Reading Gap, 2020)



Our Vision

We want to create, sustain and develop a reading community in which every child will learn to read fluently, to read for purpose, for pleasure and for life.  We believe it is our task and responsibility as educators of children and young people with communication and interaction difficulties to place reading at the very heart of our school practice; it is the fundamental tool with which we must equip our pupils, if they are to learn, grow and succeed. 


Further information for Parents and Carers:

reading_for_pleasure.pdf (

Children who read books daily score higher in school tests, vast new study states | IOE - Faculty of Education and Society - UCL – University College London